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    That's great I hope you will share your list or make some photos I also wonder how you will like it At last, it is weekend so had opportunity to sleep in It looks so nice outside and so windy maybe I should go to cinema but wait for mail
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    Now matter how much you eat there always is some space for dessert Sweet things are yummy and good but always full of calories
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    It just means I should train more as weather becoming better maybe eventually this year I will start running Weird is good. The World would be so boring if everyone would be normal For me it tastes yummy The special rice sweet and soft with filling in the middle. I still waiting for one more flavor At the moment got Grean tea and peanut.
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    Haha depends on what is your weight Kidding as well but I guess it would be useful in one of japans festival then there are lots of people and it would be so easy to look from above what does all food stalls offer Yes, you need to do that and I hope you will enjoy it So yesterday arrived my green tea mochi and today peanut mochi. Dunno If they taste as good as they should (hadn't tried Japanese mochi that much). If you want I can add photos (mochi ones)
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    He he I only wish I had tried all Japanese foods And how did you liked it and what kinda did you had? In some cases if you can't buy foods there is an option to make them interesting question, I use it as an ingredient only. As it isn't that expensive sure try it Just came back from central London had nice meeting with few people from here, ate some ramen and watched "A silent voice" anime movie Now time to have some rest before another work day
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    Be sure to do so. Here is their website Few times I bought Japanese KitKat in there Besides It is fun to look around. Also, some Asian shops sell Japanese items. I will visit the nearest one because I want to find rice flour - mochiko. I would like to try to make Dango
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    Maybe some you will have an opportunity to go to japan and will be able to try all the great foods On another hand where are some places in London where you could find something similar like ramen or sushi. Japanese shop near Piccadilly has lots of food including fresh ones. I don't eat Chinese food It is not I don't like it just I don't have a chance to do it Chat these days is pretty silent but Kairi is bombing it from time to time. And of course, I didn't forget you
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    I rather like online shopping but it is hard to think of lots of items I should buy in order to get free delivery I think everyone already forgot you yesterday I ordered 3 mochi packets from amazon. I am so bad with money and buying stuff Tomorrow I plan to go to anime movie and eat ramen before that
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    You see you do some interesting stuff and get attention from people Actually I buy way too many unnecessary things. At the moment I am getting few subscription boxes and I really should cancel them
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    So while shopping you never buy something new ? You always could ask friends help. I am sure they gladly help you with new experiences
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    Don't rush it is more fun to try something you waiting long for , Of course, you can get disappointed more in this way I'm sure you will try something new very soon.
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    Oh my you had crepe It's just a food no need to feel empty Yes, crepes from japan seems so great that's the reason I want to try one
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    Actually, during Christmas, I bought 2 big boxes of Roche Ferrero and gave them as presents On other side had 1 Raffaello this evening Never say never Personally I would like to try crepe I don't think I had one
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    Yeah enjoy that picture until you will have opportunity to try real deal. Then I will remove this picture
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    Maybe it was too big but as always I was lazy to resize it
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