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    Did you have your surgery next? If yes then. How was it?
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    Hey, how's things?
    Only just found your art thread in the forums - it all looks so cool and cute :3 I'll be keeping an eye on it.
    Did you have your surgery yet?
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    oooo. Good luck. I'll have all my fingers and toes crossed for you.
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    I'm getting over my flu. Hopefully this sore throat will also vanish soon.
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    hey Mew
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    Omg your Pokemon Tournament sig is too cute x3
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    Yeah I had the same scenario. It got to the point that I stayed just for the people, but then all the ones I spoke with most started leaving or falling out with each other. Add to that me entering my final year of university and I ended up quitting, and never really wanted to go back and relearn everything. Especially since my memory is pretty terrible except for most things gaming related in which case that stuff never seems to leave, and I'll do without the extra clutter in there.
    Aww, sorry to hear you weren't in a good mood. Nothing too bad I hope. I do generally find with online games especially, they never really seem to work in cheering you up - something always goes wrong! xD
    But you can't go wrong with cookies. :3
    Do you know what time you're on? I'll try and listen in. And good luck!
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    Yes lovely half term when the kids are set free for a week.
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    You used to play WoW? What realm did you play on? I played on Sporeggar. And sadly yes, people did love to blame the healer, even when there were more than a few times when the problem was the DPS just weren't killing things fast enough. :/
    I played most as a Druid coz I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do (so I did a bit of everything ). Mainly tanked though. I wouldn't go back now, but I do have many fond memories of that game still. Feeling nostalgic now xD
    I'll probably finally go back to Berseria after not having played it for over a week since I kinda rage quit coz I died to a random battle. Nothing else planned though. Are you going to actually be on the radio talking? or just listening?
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    I guess all you can really do is hang in there and try to be brave. I hope it all goes smoothly and quickly so you don't need to worry about it anymore.
    You should! You're welcome to add me on there if you fancy playing together - my battletag is Chaos#2246. I play a lil bit of everything really. A player that prefers to play support roles is a rare thing indeed. MMORPG parties would love you!
    That must have been scary. I can tell the difference between the lights apart from maybe longer distances. But I also just use the order of the lights (red is always top, green is always bottom). Not that I've driven since I moved to London.
    How's your week been? Any plans for the weekend?
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    I'm very good thanks. How are you?
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    That sounds rough! I'm glad to hear it it wasn't cancer and you're managing to stay upbeat though. Do they know what the problem is?
    On the plus side since we're both at the same point more or less, you won't hear any spoilers from me.
    I played a bit of OW in the beta but that's it really but I'm starting to think I should get it since so many other people (from here especially) seem to be playing and enjoying it. I've been mainly focusing on Heroes of the Storm instead.
    You did a good job with the avatar then if you did it yourself! Tbh I thought it was purple in the picture - I'm colourblind One of my sister's has her hair dyed purple most of the time as it's her favourite colour.
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    Oh that's interesting - can't say I've spoken to someone before that mostly breeds them. So you're almost playing a merchant role of sorts. That's a neat idea.
    I guess you've probably finished Pokemon Sun/Moon already. I got kinda sidetracked when it came out and also was trying to catch one of everything along the way so I haven't gotten very far. I'm still only on the second island.
    I have started playing it more again now though.
    Cute avatar btw. What's it from? Or is it an original?
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    Aha! Then by the sounds of it (cheesy segway line incoming) you and I should be friends! *sends friend request*
    And same! The only generations I've not played are Diamond Pearl Platinum and B&W2. Eevee is probably my favourite too - it's just so cute! Not to mention all the evolutions are useful too.
    Zapdos is a noteworthy close second. I just love how it looks (plus it's obviously the best legendary bird of the three ).
    Is an Eeveelutionist someone who exclusively uses Eevees and it's evolutions?
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Nearly 7 years ago my son was born. When he was I had some pretty hurtful things said about his parentage. People spread rumours that his father wasn't the man I said it was. People spread lies that I had the son of someone who

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