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    Of course, you know how much love flesh eating spiders convey X3
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    Check your wall, you MAY find spiders lurking...
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    Lol! What do you think that I'm made of money? I don't have that kind of dough!! Dang, now I'm gona have to go rob a bank so that I can afford you...
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    AHAHAHAHAHAH!! Oh my goodness you are ALIVE!

    For a second there I thought those monkey ninjas I sent actually got you!
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    Because you're unstooooooppable.
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    Hey dude!

    Damn those drunk ninja's, they're everywhere! I'm glad you survived- you're like Rambo!
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    Rotund bellend
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    Wow. I don't care if my characters die, can always make a vengeful character and if that one dies, just keep on making characters. LOL.

    You know, I would love to do a 1x1 roleplay with you. About what? I don't know. What interests you when it comes to roleplaying?
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    OI bellend <3
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    No I didn't get it, so needs to be put in Monday sharp
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    LOL. Oh, Kaze, your unique sense of humor always makes me laugh.

    Also, Zakk Wylde? Like the guitar player or is his name spelled different?
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    LOL. It's okay.

    And I have been doing good, doing mostly forum roleplay and taking another well-deserved break from IMVU. If I may ask, what kind of issues were there?
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    Course, I would technically need to be a "bro" to be part of a "bromance"...
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    ay dude hows u looking good in the suit
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May 30, 1985 (28)
About KazeBurakkusuta
Every time I see this "About you", I always feel like I am trying to sell myself or trying to get a date. -Disclaimer: I don't go on those type of web sites really.. I get banned from them a lot:-

How ever, I am known as Kaze. I am a human being, on a planet called Earth.. Which is near Mars or Venus, depending on where you are travelling from. Just becareful where you are landing.. We have a lot of water and ya know, space and water are not the same.

Okay, hrm.. I got side tracked. Now, I am 27 from the UK. I use the internet for more then one reasons.. One..trollin.. two role playing and three.. To spread the word of Kaze-ology. [Because everyone seems to be making a new faith, thought I made my own. Got a Bible of Kaze coming out soon].

I do enjoy archery too. And drinking..and smoking. Because lets face it, we like doing things bad for your health . So, I guess those would be my hobbies .
Evesham, United Kingdom
FF7: About Random Battles Lindsey Stirling, Me Equals You, Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII, by Rand
NHS trained assassin.


At sunrise we'll all dance the hempen jig
So raise up your pint of rum and take another swig
The curse of Captain Morgan has led us to this fate
So have no fear, and don't look back, the afterlife awaits

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