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    Thanks, Ex.
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    Hahaha thats funny. x3
    Omg that would be a fun thread to. Jokes xD
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    o: A thief?
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    I think they are so much easier to draw than people D:
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    Thats a great Idea x3
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    Deadlines are the worst. :[
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    oh no whats been going on. Talk to me dear
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    Hey I need to see you posting more in Pirates. Do you think you can be trying to do some recruiting and getting people interested in it? Ive been trying to do some for you, but I would love it if you assisted <3
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    No.I was just asking if u would consider recommending it to others.
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    To the length that u will recommend it to others?
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    So you haven't finish it yet then?
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    Have you watched Nana? ^^
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    Ohh, yankee/delinquent genre is a secret pleasure of mine, QP is a good read.
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    Saw your post in A&M A-Z, have you read QP?
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    It's the most I've ever made but hopefully I can make more with the next position I get. Since I don't plan on staying with the company long but it is through a temp agency so. Difficult to get hired on. Grrr I just wanna do art as my career. Fuck this boring job lol.
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Silent Night

by Expendable on 12-25-2015 at 05:10 AM


Chrismas Tunes

by Expendable on 12-24-2015 at 05:27 AM
Paul McCartney
Pipes of Peace

Jona Lewie
Stop The Cavalry


Creating a password you can remember

by Expendable on 12-22-2015 at 02:49 AM
Everyone has their favorite quotes from movies and tv shows - so why not use them to make a password you can remember?

  1. Pick a favorite movie/tv episode.
  2. What date did the movie/tv episode come out? (Check IMDB)
  3. Pick your favorite quote.
  4. Turn your quote into an acronym. Keep all proper capitals.
  5. Convert to or add special characters.
  6. Add the year or date of the movie.

So, to try this out:

  1. Favorite Movie: Casablanca
  2. Release

Read More


General Products - Space Catalog

by Expendable on 11-15-2014 at 02:06 AM
I put these together a while back for a game I came across.

General Products "Tin Can" Destroyer

Designed for "head-on" warfare, presenting the smallest possible target to the enemy. Its appearance however sometimes give it more 'unflattering' names.

The forward-most section is the superstructure, 1 meter thick armor plating, sloped

Read More





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Name: 2nd: Biggest Otaku
Second place winner of the Spring Biggest Otaku award!
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For being the third top poster of sexy anime swimsuit pics in A&M's awesome picture game!
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