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    I'm not really arund much though
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    Miss you Kyle <3
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    *drive-by smooch*
  4. To be honest, not really. I've really only ever been interested in studying law or art. I've thought about computer networking. My sister actually makes pretty good money doing that and that would really be the only reason I would consider it, but I can't say I hold a genuine interest in it. XD
  5. Very cool. Thanks for that. ^_^ Yeah, I highly doubt I'll be going to any fancy schools like Princeton. XDD
  6. Oh really? That would be pretty tough, but I agree, in the long run it would be worth it. Recommendations are definitely welcome ^_^ Where is it you live again? Phily? You moved some time back, didn't you?
  7. Not for the kind of work I was hoping for. As far as I know, you need to have at least some on field experience, minimum of two years, I think. The only positions I can think of, that might not require it would be maybe an operator, or front desk clerk at the local station. There's also correctional officer, but I think even then, they'd likely count medical issues against me. When I go back to school, I'll likely still study law and see where it takes me ^_^
  8. You're very welcome ^_^
    Nothing really, that's part of my problem. XDD
    For the longest time, all I ever wanted to do was get into some form of law enforcement, but in recent years, I found out that I have medical issues that would probably make that a very unrealistic option. I would say art of some sort, but from my understanding that's a pretty difficult field to actually make a good, stable living off of.
  9. Four years isn't bad at all either, considering ^_^ I'm sure you're making the right choice.
    I just need to figure out what career I want to pursue. That is a plus, definitely, if surprising, ambitious guy like you. ^_-
  10. Job life is okay. I'm actually job hunting right now, looking for something a bit more steady myself. I've had enough with Gamestop for one lifetime, I think XDD
    I'm also looking to go back to school myself, a little nervous. It's been awhile since I've been in a classroom, but hopefully that goes well ^_^
  11. That's really exciting ^_^ I'm sure you'll be very successful at it.
    Just gotta get through school and you'll be in the clear, but I'm sure that'll go by quickly, or at least feel like it, anyway. XD
  12. Wow, that is insane! I mean, at least you have a lot experience, but still I imagine that has to be incredibly frustrating. Optometry seems like it'll be a bit more steady. What made you want to go back to school to become an optometrist specifically? Is it because the jobs are steady and well paying, or did something else inspire you to go back to study that?
  13. Ugh, that is terrible. x_X; I could see definitely see that happening. How long were you doing that for?
  14. Ooo that does sound like fun. I'll definitely check it out.
    I'm sure it will. I think the best careers to get into are anything with medicine and technology. Both are always evolving and it'll always be a need ^_^
    That's really awesome. I'm happy for you. I totally agree, I know gaming retail definitely felt like a black hole to me x_X;
  15. Wow, that is pretty insane. It'll be worth it though. Optometry's a really great job, from my understanding. ^_^
    I have never even heard of that XD
    Is that a card game you play with a normal deck, or is that more like Magic?
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