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    Have you done anything to deserve it? xD You know, like karma :p You like to try and take the paragon option and take on the bad luck stuff yourself though by the sounds of it. I try to do that too - I have pretty bad luck myself... >.>
    Seeing as how you're usually pretty meticulous with replying to these (thanks for that btw ^^ glad you're enjoying chatting ), I'll point out then since you prolly didn't mean to skip it that you missed the bit about what stuff you've been putting off. What are you going to do over the summer?
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    You have a fan?! So you're lucky Dx lol. Yeah seriously, I hate this heat. I don't envy you if you have to go dressed up to the prom and it's hot like it has been today :/ Why don't you burn? =o I burn really easily. I'm quite pale xD
    So should I not expect to ever meet you at a convention one day because you'll be too lazy to go? xD Though you sound a lot like me right now. I do like things to be clean - I got that from my mum lol. So I want my room to be clean... But I can't entirely be bothered to tidy it up (it's not that bad but still) especially since I know I'll have to do the same thing in a week or two again. Dx Painting your room and organising your life though? You're starting to sound like you're older than 16 xD what's to organise already?
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    Buuuut, do you succeed in taking revenge? Or does that fail for you too like it often does for me? xD
    Yeah :< Tails definitely had it the worst. The vet didn't think he'd live after the accident (basically ran from a car and his tail got caught under a wheel we think so coz he was moving it kinda wrenched his tail out a lil bit - enough for the nerves to be torn) and he was really weak for a bit. But due to my crying to give him a chance, my parents stuck with him and he recovered pretty well. Totally fine really other than he became incontinent, so he couldn't come in much :/ Anyway sorry, waffling about sad stuff...
    I agree, it was heartbreaking when Tails and Tilly passed away or had their problems. Honestly it made me not want a pet again at the time because it's so horrible to lose them. Especially Tilly. There will never be another pet like her to me.
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    Are you liable to break things? xD I'm sure it'll be fine. Even if you do break something, you're 16 so your parents are still legally responsible right? xD
    Ofc, if you do break stuff your friends will never forget it
    I'm sure you did fine in your exams ^^ what kind of things have you/are you putting off? :p
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    Ofc! The good things aren't as funny ^^ though being the butt of the joke always sucks a lil ofc.
    I don't take credit for Bunny - I was still really young then. Though I did try to name my first cat Sonic lol. We went with Tails, but then he had an accident and lost the use of his tail :/ next cat was Tilly and she lost an eye to an infection. She was lovely though - wouldn't harm a fly and she always came if I started whistling. I miss her... :< Then my parents current cat is Trifle. "Tri"-fle. Guess he's missing despite the problems though, they were all happy cats
    Right now in this heat I agree about sticking to the couch, coz my bedroom gets really hot but the living room is cool...
    And yeah the laziness in dressing up might have something to do with it for me too lol
    Well, can't promise it might not be a bit boring at the start ^^ maybe that was just mine tho. Or just me.
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    Lol yeah I'm with you. I hate having to dress up for things. I prefer more comfortable clothes and I tend to think most people look better without all that stuff anyway. Though I don't really watch TV much these days - I'd much rather go on the PC and play games or watch something on there xD
    Don't worry - when you're a bit older (feels weird saying that like I'm your dad or something - I'm not that old Dx) guys will start preferring girls like you that enjoy themselves more and don't worry so much about makeup and dressing up. Hope you do have fun, though as you said it'll be a bit sad as it'll be your last time spending time with some of the people. So go out with a bang I guess (if they have helium balloons maybe take turns inhaling some - we did that at my last one and it was hilarious xD)
    Hope your last exam went well! Now you can enjoy a nice summer break
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    Heh, yeah my friends tend not to forget either lol. I guess everyone's got something funny they're remembered for though ^^
    Twitchy Nose xD My family used to have a rabbit (inventively named 'Bunny' -.-) that we took care of after my aunt didn't want to take care of it anymore >.> Unfortunately, where my aunt had given it so little interaction and attention, it became quite vicious and you couldn't hold it or anything. :< Rabbits are so cute though. Especially Angora rabbits: x3
    I've generally been more of a cat person though in terms of the pets I've owned as my own though (albeit still when I was living with my parents lol).
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    Aww, that's nice of you I love animals! Especially fluffy ones! I went with a friend to the National Pet Show at the Excel centre not too long ago - that was cool. We got to pet a bunch of different animals. ^^ We only ever had like one prom back at my school :/ Hope it goes well ^.^ Don't really know how proms generally work these days - I always think of the old kind where it basically encourages dating. Got your eye on anyone there?
    You have to revise! Don't worry, you'll get plenty of chill time in the first year of sixth form/college (well, maybe) and the first year of uni if you go (definitely - first year of uni work was a joke lol). Good luck with your exams
    I mainly just chatted with people tbh, though on Sunday I did go to see The Red Turtle with a few friends. It was good... but... kinda weird tbh xD But I won't spoil it. It's worth seeing though.
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    It seemed like she did And yeah, they're not much different from regular meetups in that respect I guess.
    The best thing to do is laugh off the embarrassing moments I find People prefer to be with happy or funny people. Consider that advice from one of us elderly 30-year-old folk xD I'm kinda weird with being at home... I get bored half the time if I'm there, but if I'm going out then half the time I'll wanna be back at home. I'm so difficult to please Dx
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    A girl on here that joined us for the first time in a meetup to Comicon said the same kind of thing. She was quite shy at first but she was still able to let people take photos with her in cosplay and went to a cosplay meetup for a lil bit too. Haha, I'm sure you won't humiliate yourself. Certainly no more than I do sometimes xD
    Yeah... that doesn't paint the best picture of it xD But fair enough, glad you're doing well at it anyway. And it's better that you are doing something - I regret not doing more kinds of things back then. I'm kinda difficult like that - I'm lazy but I still wanna be doing something coz I get bored if I'm at home on my own too long. Dx
    At least we always have those good old faithful reusable topics to hopefully kick-start more conversation. For example, how's your weekend going? xD
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    To be honest I'll certainly credit your confidence/bravery for being up for going to a convention on your own or to a meetup with a bunch of older people, given how young you are. There's no way I'd have done that kind of thing when I was that age lol. The more you can embrace your awkwardness and shyness and just make fun of yourself over it, the easier it gets I find. But yeah, I'm similar (now anyway). I'm quiet when I first meet someone but if I get on with them and they're friendly they won't be able to shut me up before long xD
    You do Taekwondo? That's cool ^^ Congratulations on passing! I never did any kind of extra activities back then - I just went home and played games all the time >.<
    My weekend was good thanks. Nothing special really, played games with a couple of friends and spoke to a few a lot lol. Doesn't make much of a topic to talk about does it xD
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    Awesome. I cant wait to see it.
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    That's good that they're similar ages to you. I know age shouldn't 'really' matter but... it still kinda does feel a bit weird doesn't it if they're quite a bit older than you. I dare say if you and I were speaking in person the 14 year age gap would make it seem a lot more strange xD I'm guessing that's partially why you posted in that other thread about who's the youngest on here too. I'm sure you aren't THAT awkward, and a lot of people are shy at first around people they don't know well. But it's good you just kinda make light fun of the fact you know you're going to be awkward - that's kind of the same thing I do too xD
    How was your weekend?
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    I know you deleted the post but I want to add your gorgeous cat and rabbits in the cutest pets comp pretty please?
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    I suppose that's true Yeah, meetups like that are a great way to meet new people so hopefully you'll be able to make a bunch of new friends. Huh. On the Sunday at LAGC I didn't see many people outside - maybe the weather was better on the Saturday :p I was happy inside since that's where all the games were lol. Who were you planning to go with to Summer LAGC btw? I think a few people from my meetup group said they were going to go - one of them (or myself, even though I'm not going) will probably make a thread or something to go together to it. If you want people to go with, I can always let you know when they make the thread or whatever so you can go with them, if you'd like? Or if you'd like, you're welcome to join the WhatsApp group yourself too and talk to everyone yourself. You are definitely the youngest tho xD in case that bothers you. The next youngest is I think 22/23.
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