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    by Published on 08-31-2014 10:33 PM

    The Alcon 2014 Conbook is now available to download. A full planner, highlights and schedule for the event in detail. Plus articles submitted by YOU the attendees! Here's all you need to know about the event.

    [ CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT ] - Download is approximately 10mb.

    We hope this gives a good taster for what you have to look forward to in four days time and allows you to plan your day accordingly.

    If you're not yet registered for Alcon, you can still buy your ticket before the end of Monday to get in at http://www.alcon.org.uk/register.php

    Due to Demand we will NOT be selling tickets on the door on the Saturday. We can also not guarantee tickets on ANY of the days on the door. First come first gets.
    by Published on 08-29-2014 04:37 PM
    Article Preview

    Between the Talks, stage events, live-music, panels, tournaments, workshops, gaming sessions and far more, we have well over TWO HUNDRED events scheduled in across the 4 days of Alcon this 4-7 September. Trying to plan your day from that timetable (Check out the final version HERE) can be a daunting experience, so here are our Top 51 recommendations for what events you should check out for at Alcon 2014!

    And remember, if you haven't yet bought your Alcon ticket, it's not too late to do so now @ www.alcon.org.uk All four days, which includes the parties
    by Published on 08-16-2014 04:20 AM

    Welcome To The Animeleague Chat Party all this Weekend (16-17 August)

    - All weekend. To join the party, just click GENERAL CHAT in the bar at the bottom of the screen!
    - Everyone is invited - even if you have never been on animeleague before you are still VERY welcome! Come join in!
    - The party goes on from midday GMT on Saturday to well past midnight Monday morning!
    - Events - just like a real-convention but online! - we have events ALL day long - see the event planner at the bottom. We have quizes, cosplay, roleplay and lots more!
    - Our own radio station going on throughout the day with DJs blasting out your favorite tunes. You can tune in @ www.animeleague.net/radio


    Midday - Get To Know & Chillout - Listen to your favourite tunes over the radio, meet and get to know the other chat-partiers!
    3pm - Guess The Member - Who could it be~ with @NOODLE
    8pm - 11pm - Big Geek Night Live Join us from 8pm onwards with speical guest appearances from well known community-members and a variety of crazy music ranging from rock to disney to random youtube stuff. We'll have all the usual games including, blind date, auction, and so forth. It'll be a fantastic night of nonsenical games and sentimentality.
    11pm - The Member Auction! Everything to go! Bid for members with your credits. The winners get to own (in an entirely innocent way do note!) the person they win for the remainder of the chat party. Wooo!


    Midday - Get To Know and Chat/Radio Chillout - Listen to your favourite tunes over the radio and meet and get to know the other chat-partiers!
    4pm - Quiz Time with @Arrietty
    6pm - Caption Contest - Ten captions shall be put up. Most amusing captions provided shall win. 2,000 credit prizes for the person who gets the most. Host Needed!
    8pm to 9pm Mike's Happy Hour - My Hour of Fun! Maybe you can you get Mike to sing? Oh dear lord.. Hit 100 people on radio and this shall happen!
    9pm to 11pm - Chatparty's Quest - A radio RPG. Grab a drink as we continue the chat party! A RPG with a twist, where YOU the chatroom help decide the outcome. Rules explained on air. Want to join the RPG? Tune in and let us know!
    11pm till late - Party & Games! Grab a drink and let's party in to the night! Yay!


    Listen to the radio @ www.animeleague.net/radio

    Midday - @Taz605
    2pm - @Taz605
    3pm - @NOODLE
    4pm - @The Nightmare Rider
    5pm - @The Nightmare Rider
    6pm - @Dragoonus @Melmo - The Trials
    7pm - @Dragoonus @Melmo - The Trials
    8pm - @Melmo
    9pm - @Melmo
    10pm - @Melmo
    11pm - @Melmo
    Midnight - @Azoth

    SUNDAY RADIO SCHEDULE (all times in GMT)

    Listen to the radio @ www.animeleague.net/radio

    Midday - @NOODLE
    2pm - @NOODLE
    3pm - @NOODLE
    4pm - @Arrietty
    5pm - @Arrietty
    6pm - @ZombieofMibu
    7pm - @ZombieofMibu
    8pm - @Ferefire
    9pm - @Ferefire
    10pm - @Jessinova
    11pm - @Jessinova @Rukia
    Midnight - @Azoth

    Want to Help Out?

    We're taking volunteers to run chatroom events.. so if you fancy runing one, or being a DJ on the radio, please post in here!
    by Published on 08-08-2014 07:04 PM

    This 4-7 September in Leicester, something is wrong.. Something is very VERY wrong.

    It's Alcon 2014 and it's..

    The Apocalypse.

    There will be a public service update on the status of the alien attacks in the Opening Ceremony. It's the end of the world.. Are YOU Ready for it?

    T-Shirts and VIP Conbadges

    - Image available as an exclusive extra conbadge and limited edition glossy A2 poster (selling for 5) to everyone who gets VIP membership. Benefits of VIP membership also include exclusive VIP only meet and greet sessions with the guests, priority access to the dealers and all talks/events and more. A VIP upgrade costs 20 and places are limited to 150 (130 of these are now sold).

    - The same image shall also be the shirt design as a stylised lineup version. Check out how it will look here.

    If you want to add either to your order, then it's not too late. Please email info@alcon.org.uk to add it on to your order. It is just 10 for the t-shirt design, or 20 for a VIP upgrade.

    Show off your Alcon Support!

    We have made a signature image, fb banner header and avatar for attendees to use to show off their Alcon 2014 support.

    [ Download FB Header Image Here ]
    [ Download Sig Image Here ]
    [ Download Avatar Image Here ]

    If you're looking for a desktop background you can also download the Desktop Wallpaper.

    Not Yet Registered for Alcon?

    With less than 100 spaces available, we advise to do so now. The anime, gaming and cosplay event shall take place this 4-7 September in Leicester at De Montfort University over 4 days and you can book your tickets online now @ http://www.alcon.org.uk
    by Published on 08-06-2014 10:11 PM

    You are cordially invited to our formal event of the year, the Alcon Masquerade Ball. Taking place between 9pm to midnight, this will be a highlight of Alcon 2014 which will bring you an enchanted evening of live-entertainment, music, acts and wonder. We encourage you to attend in smart cosplay or formal attire.

    To attend, you simply register your ticket via the Alcon website here. For 45 you can access the entire convention for four entire days of fun with a massive lineup of special guests. If you're interested in the Ball only, we offer the entire Saturday from 10am in the morning to 3am at night for 24 under a one-day ticket.


    #Live Entertainment on Stage: There will be live singing from classically trained fan-favourite Kerri-Veck and internet celebrity EileMonty. The world-famous Beckii Cruel shall also be present to headline our lineup of dance acts throughout the night. Please check back as we unveil our full schedule for the night.

    #Music: We will be playing a selection of slow and medium paced ball room music, as well as some other popular choices for dancingc, such as Waltz for The Moon. . Feel free to make suggestions for music you would like to dance to, in this thread, and where possible we will aim to include this, though again it will be based on our decision as to the suitability. Please note if it isn't classical, or related to gaming or animation there is a strong likelihood it won't be played.

    #Food & Snacks Provided: We shall be putting on a full spread of food and snacks for our guests to indulge in throughout the night.

    #A Complimentary Photograph Provided: There will be a photography area hosted by Real Time Events, where you can get a free 5x7" photo taken and printed for you (limited to one per guest, couple or group). Normally the photo would cost 5 - we shall give you it for free to take home with you as a reminder of an amazing night.

    Dress Code: Smart-Casual to Formal Wear

    #Cosplay is not compulsory, but smart-casual dress code is.
    #Not all Cosplay is appropriate: please consider if the cosplay could be considered smart or formal. Yoko from Gurren Lagann or Luffy from One Piece is not formal. We don't want to be too limiting so I will avoid saying as many specific no's as possible, but if it involves shorts, a mini skirt, or no top, then it is almost certainly not suitable for this event.
    #Generally: No Trainers, No Flip Flops, No Jeans, No Shorts and No Hoodies.
    #This list is not exhaustive - but should hopefully provide a good idea of what is and isn't appropriate.

    Where there is a potential issue with a choice of attire the member of staff will make every effort to explain which points need addressing so you can make a quick change - It may be a case of changing your shoes, tucking in a shirt, or not carrying round a buster sword.

    Guest Tips

    #Make an effort - You may regret turning up and feeling under dressed, but you will not regret being well presented.

    #Dancing - You don't need to dance. Whilst it might be fun to know a little bit, for the most part the dance floor tends to be too crowded to perform a full waltz, and there is a good chance your dane partner won't know any formal dances.

    #Dance Partners - Do spend a couple of minutes to learn the correct way to hold your dance partner. Knowing just a little bit may be good for confidence as well if you do plan on dancing with strangers.

    #Dancing with Strangers - Dance with strangers. You may be attending the ball with a significant other or you may be attending on your own, but ultimately it is likely to be because you enjoy getting dressed up and dancing. This is a social event, and if you are social you will get the most out of it. Asking strangers to dance can be a little scary but try not to over think it. You aren't asking someone to marry you. I have never seen anyone decline an invitation to dance, so you can ask in confidence. Likewise if you are attending with a partner, and someone asks them to dance don't take offence. It just means they either like your partners choice in dress, or that they can see your partner is a good dancer.

    #Nerves - If you are very nervous, plan to dance with a few friends first to get in the swing of it. This will help remind you that a dance is a dance, and not a date. If you find nerves (or heat from formal clothing) give you sweaty palms, maybe wear some dress gloves, this will add a flair to your attire, and take your mind of the fact you have sweaty hands, and wondering if you should ignore it or apologise.

    #Pre-plan dances - This event will be on Saturday night. That means you have two days of making friends. If you make friends with someone on Friday offer to have a dance with them at the ball. The fact it isn't happening right there and now makes it much less scary.

    Music Requests and any Questions?

    Please address them in here. Thanks everyone, we look forward to seeing you at the event.
    by Published on 08-06-2014 03:47 AM

    Anime, Cosplay & Gaming to be taken to The Next Level in London

    Following a sellout event last February, we shall be hiring out the ENTIRE usable area of the London Metropolitan, resulting in the event being over 50% larger. The newly acquired Graduate Centre will be put aside entirely for Video Gaming. The former VG areas will be utilised for an expanded Cosplay Cafe, Anime Screenings, Artists, TCGing and even more dealers than ever before!

    This will be our most ambitious and largest event ever (it will be bigger than Alcon in space!) and we already have some BIG name guests lined up that we look forward to revealing September onward.

    If you go book now at www.londonanimecon.com you can get the entire weekend (which includes the Friday Cosrave Party and the parties on the Saturday and Sunday nights as standard) for just 20. This special discount price will be available until the end of the year.

    The LAGC forum will open mid-September onward, when we will start to unveil our guest and event lineup! So get ready as we take cosplay, anime and gaming to the next level!
    by Published on 07-19-2014 11:33 AM
    Article Preview

    Welcome To The Animeleague Chat Party all this Weekend

    - All weekend. To join the party, just click GENERAL CHAT in the bar at the bottom of the screen!
    - Everyone is invited - even if you have never been on animeleague before you are still VERY welcome! Come join in!
    - The party goes on from midday GMT on Saturday to well past midnight Monday morning!
    - Events - just like a real-convention but online! - we have events ALL day long - see the event
    by Published on 07-18-2014 06:02 PM

    Featuring a Cosplay World-Record Attempt, a competition with a massive 250 prize for the winner, and an exclusive Cosplay Guest Meet 'n' Greet with top cosplay guests across the UK, Insomnia Gaming Festival is something you can't afford to miss this 22nd-25th August. (Buy Your Tickets HERE)

    Cosplay Highlights

    i52 Cosplay Competition @ Saturday 4:30pm, Main Stage - A massive 250 Cash first-prize with goodies and event
    by Published on 07-16-2014 08:43 PM

    Don't be bored this summer, for Until the end of August we have over twenty events taking place online on the forums! Here's what's happening right now (click on the title to be taken to the event) -

    #1 AL Summer Chat Party - Coming this weekend (19-20 July), online fun all weekend! wooo!

    #2 EZ Factor Talent Show - Do you have a talent you want to showcase via youtube for us? do you sing? play an instrument? play in a band? Then you're just what we're looking for!

    #3 The Creative Royale - Calling all artists and GFXers, come join this team based league event where you earn points by completing art-related challenges together with your friends.

    #4 CityScape Blind-Dating Service - Is your roleplay character looking for love? <3 Come sign up!

    #5 Cosplay Original Design Challenge - Design your own unique character and compete for the title of best OC Cosplayer!


    - The Newcomer Trials - A weekly event every Wednesday where all newcomers (and newly returned ex members) compete! Returning to AL? Come join in!
    - AL Member Survivor - Everyone can enter, everyone gets pitted against one another, the ones with the most votes gets through to the next round until there is only one left!
    - AL Journals Matchup Madness - Go signup now to be paired with someone in the journals section! Good way to make some new friends!
    - Anime Threatre - Come watch anime with the rest of us in A&M!
    - Clan Carnival - In ClanNation, a series of clan-based events, why not go join a clan join, make some new friends and get involved!
    - Animeleague Trivia Game - Over the next few weeks GD will be hosting a trivia event with questions based on AL's history and other other such knowledge that can be found on AL! Come join in!
    - The Writing of the Month - Attn Writers! This event is making a glorious return with a sun-themed writing challenge!

    Just a few of many events taking place over the next month with more to be announced! Every section, from General Discussion, to AL Journals, to Graphics & Art to ClanNation will have events going on over the summer! Go check out each forum to see what's happening!

    Need a hand getting to grips with the forums? Go signup for a Guardian and read our quick how-to guide HERE.

    PLUS! Meetups & Events Across the UK!

    Of course, if you're more focused on offline activities, we have 10 meetups planned over the next six weeks across every region of the country. Check them out now HERE

    And of course, make sure not to miss Alcon this 4-7 September!
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