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  1. OH MY SWEET JESUS, IT'S LIKE I'VE BEEN DECEASED FOR 4 YEARS, I APOLOGIZE. OTL I was going through my old chat's including this one of course~ Saw you hadn't been on in a while so it's cool if you don't reply, I've been gone far longer. XD I hope you've been doing well too, Sacred, whatever it is you may be up to. c:
  2. hope all is ok on your end sorry for falling out of contact
  3. It's cool. :3 SHould I pester you about this 'lot' you've boon going through or would you prefer to not talk about it? :0
  4. no you haven't i've just going through a lot and that does,#t help sorry to give the wrong i'mprisstion
  5. Have I done something to offend you? ;A; Do you no longer want to be weird interweb friends? D:
  6. Let's just say I probably took the longest break EVER. DX
  7. where are u these days
  8. how are u
  9. yo
  10. Hikari said that she didn't even understand how she appeared next to Aimi so I just played along.
  11. she is and the other char she was with but you and the other girl didn't say
  12. I thought Kuro teleported us to your house again?
  13. Hi.
  14. by the ways are you guys at selenes house?
  15. ay mate
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