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    This 2016 we shall be celebrating TEN years of running events. We have a very special year lined up for you all, as we run a total of EIGHT conventions. Make sure to put these dates down in your diary now -

    6-7 February - London Anime & Gaming Con - http://www.londonanimecon.com
    2-3 April - Manchester Anime & Gaming Con - http://www.manchesteranimecon.com
    7-8 May - Bristol Anime & Gaming Con - http://www.bristolanimecon.com
    4-5 June - Liverpool Anime & Gaming Con - http://www.liverpoolanimecon.com
    1-3 July - London Anime & Gaming Con - http://summer.londonanimecon.com
    20-21 August - Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con - http://www.cardiffanimecon.com
    1-4 September - Alcon in Leicester - http://www.alcon.org.uk
    1-2 October - Birmingham Anime & Gaming Con - http://www.birminghamanimecon.com

    - You can Register and Pay NOW for all of these events, except for Alcon 2016.
    - Alcon in September 1-4 will be our special 10th anniversary edition event. Registrations for that will open on Sunday 17th January, so get ready for something very special there - check back then at http://www.alcon.org.uk
    - As part of our 10th Anniversary celebrations, London Anime & Gaming Con shall ALSO be a special full 3 day event this 1-3 July. At just 29 for all three days it's excellent value. Registrations for that are already open at http://summer.londonanimecon.com
    - Interested in trying out our new events in Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, Cardiff or Birmingham? It's just 16 total for both days - a bargain if you register and pay a month beforehand.
    - Of course, we shall also be running free to enter Minicons and meetups around the country as well. Keep up to date on our fb @ https://www.facebook.com/AnimeleagueCosplay/ and on our forums @ http://www.animeleague.net/forum/

    Hope you all have a fantastic festive season and a great New Year!
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    The AL Happy Holidays Chat Party (26-27 December)

    - All weekend. To join the party, just click GENERAL CHAT in the bar at the bottom of the screen!
    - Everyone is invited - even if you have never been on animeleague before you are still VERY welcome! Come join in!
    - The party goes on from midday GMT on Saturday to well past Sunday midnight!
    Events - just like a real-convention but online! - we have events ALL day long - see the event planner at the bottom. We have quizes, cosplay, roleplay and lots more!
    - Our own radio station going on throughout the day with DJs blasting out your favorite tunes. You can tune in @ www.animeleague.net/radio


    Midday - Get To Know & Chillout - Listen to your favourite tunes over the radio, meet and get to know the other chat-partiers!
    4pm - Welcome to the PARTY! - With your host @Ferefire we kick off the proceedings and get ready for an epic weekend. Much fun and games, weee!
    7pm - Guess the Christmas Song - With your host @xLeilax come along and guess that festive song!
    9pm - Mike's Happy Hour - Bumper Christmas Special - My (Two) Hours of Fun! Grab those drinks, it's gonna be awesome!


    Midday - Get To Know and Chat/Radio Chillout - Listen to your favourite tunes over the radio and meet and get to know the other chat-partiers!
    6pm - TBC
    8pm - Big Geek Night Live - Join us from 7pm onwards with special guest appearances from well known community-members and a variety of crazy music ranging from rock to disney to random youtube stuff. We'll have all the usual games including, blind date, auction, and so forth. It'll be a fantastic night of nonsenical games and sentimentality. Woo!
    11pm - Member Auction


    Midday -
    3pm -
    4pm - @Ferefire
    5pm -
    6pm -
    7pm - @xLeilax
    8pm - @xLeilax
    9pm - @Ferefire
    10pm - @Ferefire
    11pm -
    Midnight -
    1am Onward -
    SUNDAY RADIO SCHEDULE (all times in GMT)

    Listen to the radio @ www.animeleague.net/radio

    Midday -
    3pm -
    4pm -
    5pm -
    6pm -
    7pm -
    8pm - @Ferefire
    9pm - @Ferefire
    10pm - @Ferefire
    11pm -
    Midnight -
    1am Onward -

    Want to Help Out?

    We're taking volunteers to run chatroom events.. so if you fancy runing one, or being a DJ on the radio, please post in here!
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    We are looking for people to join our Media & PR Team.

    It is a voluntary role, we can offer those who join -

    1. A CV reference.
    2. Experience and advice from fellow team members ...
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    We shall be running the cosplay at Leicester Comic Con this 11th October. Highlights include the cosplay masquerade at 4pm, and a special cosplay community talk. Check the event out now at www.comicconleicester.co.uk (note the show is sold out so this only applies to those who already have a ticket!)

    Cosplay Competition is 4pm on the Main Stage - Confirmed.

    Goodies and event tickets up for grabs for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. You can go read more on the rules and pre-signup HERE and you can submit a pre-signup for your cosplay by emailing cosplay@animeleague.com (or signup at the cosplay desk on the day which is in the Cosplay Zone). Winners determined by our special guest judges (See below).

    Cosplay Guests and Talk

    We will have three awesome local cosplay guests in attendance. These are confirmed as -

    - Ms Luna Cosplay
    - Red Widow Cosplay
    - Jeni Mew Cosplay

    As well as judging the cosplay contest, they will host a cosplay community Q&A talk on earlier in the day.

    We look forward to seeing everyone this 11th October!
    by Published on 09-23-2015 07:40 PM

    Bristol Anime & Gaming Con Conbook is now available to download. A full planner, highlights and schedule for the event in detail. Here's all you need to know about the event.


    Not yet registered for Bristol Anime & Gaming Con this 3-4 October? Tickets ARE running out, so we advise to do so, when they're gone they'll be gone and we can not guarantee availability on the door. You can do so online at http://www.bristolanimecon.com/register.php. Please note

    Also, pre-signups for stage events are still open. All the links are located HERE.

    After that it'll be signup for these events ON THE DAY ONLY at the events registration desk upstairs in the cosplay area. If you don't pre-signup we can not guarantee being able to fit you in!
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    The Alcon 2015 Conbook is now available to download. A full planner, highlights and schedule for the event in detail. Plus articles submitted by YOU the attendees! Here's all you need to know about the event.

    [ CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT ] - Download is approximately 12mb.

    ** You can also view the final event timetable and signup links to signup for events beforehand HERE **

    We hope this gives a good taster for what you have to look forward to in four days time and allows you to plan your day accordingly.

    If you're not yet registered for Alcon, you can still buy your ticket before the end of Tuesday to get in at http://www.alcon.org.uk/register.php

    Note: Tickets on the door may be available, we will confirm next week. If they are then it'll be limited.

    by Published on 08-12-2015 07:55 PM

    Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con Conbook is now available to download. A full planner, highlights and schedule for the event in detail. Here's all you need to know about the event.


    Not yet registered for Cardiff Anime Con this 22-23 August? You can do so online until the end of next Tuesday at http://www.cardiffanimecon.com/register.php and you can also pay on the day!

    Also, pre-signups for stage events will close end of Wednesday as well. All the links are located HERE.

    After that it'll be signup for these events ON THE DAY ONLY at the events registration desk upstairs in the cosplay area. If you don't pre-signup we can not guarantee being able to fit you in!
    by Published on 08-04-2015 07:50 PM

    The timetable for Alcon 2015, taking place this 3-6 September in Leicester, is now available to view HERE. Highlights include Maggie O'Hara, best known as Bulma from DBZ amongst many other anime roles, as well as Brentalfloss, LittleKuriboh, MegaRan and many more still to be announced.

    Places are still available, but are selling fast (almost 85% of tickets are now sold) so it is HIGHLY advised to register and pay before the end of August online via this link to guarantee your place (you can also book on site accommodation there too). An update shall be released toward the end of August to confirm if tickets shall be available on the door or not.

    Alcon will have areas and activities going on from 10am in the morning through to 3am at night, including exhibitors, anime screenings, an anime bar and night-club, artist ally, roleplaying, card-gaming, video-gaming room, retro-gaming, LAN gaming, a cosplay cafe, DDRing and more.

    Following a sellout London Anime & Gaming Con we shall be returning this 5-7 February which shall include for the first time an opening night party on the Friday at the venue from 6pm onward.

    This will be our largest and most ambitious event ever and we already have some BIG name guests lined up that we look forward to revealing September onward.

    If you go book now at www.londonanimecon.com you can get the entire weekend (which includes the Friday opening Party and the parties on the Saturday and Sunday nights as standard) for just 22.

    Go grab your tickets for that now HERE.
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    Don't be bored this summer - until the end of August we have over twenty events taking place online on the forums! Here's what's happening right now -

    - AL Summer Chatroom Party - Coming this weekend (25-26 July), online fun all weekend with radio, contests and more taking place in the chatroom.
    - AL Member Survivor - One of our big events of the year, with over 100 in prizes up for grabs. Everyone can enter, everyone gets pitted against one another, the ones with the most votes gets through to the next round until there is only one left!
    - Newbie Icebreaker - A great way to make friends and easily get involved! Being new to any place can often be daunting so here is an event for you! Anyone is welcome whether they are new or old to the forums.
    - AL Journals Summer Matchup Event - Signup now to be paired with someone in the journals section! Good way to make some new friends!
    - Crazy Speed Dating - Get ready for a summer of LOVE! <3 We will be match-making you up with a fellow friend for a few dates then....on to the next! Woo!
    - GD Crazy But True! - Have you ever read a news headline and had to do a double check because you were sure you did not read that right? Find the craziest/sillyest/wackyest headlines here!
    - ClanNation Artists Unite - Test your creative side by creating a drawing, a photoshop picture or a photo about one, some or all of the clans we have in ClanNation.
    - Roleplayers' Sanctuary Summer BBQ Food Fight - It's summertime once again in Roleplayers' Sanctuary and what better way to share the celebration than to grab some food and throw it at someone?
    - Creative Arts' Summer Photography - Grab a picture of what summer means to you. Is it nights by the fire on a beach? Is it long walks in the woods as the sun streams through the leaves? We want to see it!
    - Anime & Manga Summer Caption Contest - Celebrate summer with Animeleague as we caption various images that will surely put the colour in your snow cones!
    - Entertainment Zone's Summer Festival - Guess the Movie, TV Show or Song. The first correct guess earns points. What will the next one be!?
    - Video Gaming Summer Screen Competition - We'll put up screenshots from games and you give us a phrase to describe the picture. Vote for your favourite ones at the end of the event.

    Just a few of many events taking place over the next month with more to be announced! Every section, from General Discussion, to AL Journals, to Creative Arts to ClanNation will have events going on over the summer! Go check out each forum to see what's happening!

    Need a hand getting to grips with the forums? Go signup for a Guardian and read our quick how-to guide HERE.

    PLUS! Meetups & Events Across the UK!

    Of course, if you're more focused on offline activities, we have lots of meetups planned over the next two months across every region of the country. Check them out now HERE

    And of course, make sure not to miss Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con this 22-23rd August, Alcon this 3-6 September and Bristol Anime & Gaming Con this 3-4 October!
    by Published on 07-22-2015 08:05 PM

    Animeleague has an action packed lineup of conventions coming up. Make sure to mark these in your calendar now -

    22-23 August - Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con
    3-6 September - Alcon 2015
    3-4 October - Bristol Anime & Gaming Con
    6-7 February 2016 - London Anime & Gaming Con
    2-3 April 2016 - Manchester Anime & Gaming Con

    Make sure to go signup for them now while they're still discounted. It's only 14 for the entire weekend for Manchester, Bristol and Cardiff and only 22 for three day entry to London.

    Share Contest for all these Events

    Go enter our Mega-Share contest on facebook and twitter for an opportunity to win tickets to an Animeleague event of your choice. To enter all you have to do is share the image.

    [ CLICK HERE ]

    Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con this 22-23 August Updates

    Cardiff's Timetable is now up! Go start planning your day now HERE. We are still revealing guests so make sure to check by the Cardiff forums HERE for all the latest updates.

    Tickets for the entire weekend are still only 14 if you buy them online now HERE.

    Alcon 2015 - Guest Announcement Spree and Get Your Tickets Soon!

    Alcon tickets are selling out fast, so we highly recommend to grab your ticket now for our four day festival and event of the year, Alcon! Taking place this 3-6 September in Leicester we have on-site accommodation still available.

    Guests are being announced at a rate of 4 a week, so make sure to stop by the Alcon forums HERE for all the latest news, and to grab your ticket now on the Alcon website HERE.

    Bristol Anime & Gaming Con - Big Surprises in Store!

    Our final event of the year will be Bristol this 3-4 October and we have some big surprises in store for that. We look forward to revealing them next month. In the meantime, why not grab your ticket while it's still only 14 for the entire weekend HERE.

    And there's.. more?

    From Leeds to Glasgow to Liverpool to London to Manchester, we're literally running a free to attend meet or mini-con in every single major city in the UK this year. Go check out our meet and mini-con event schedule HERE and make sure to put yourself down for our meets now. For all the latest updates make sure to follow us on facebook at www.fb.com/AnimeleagueCosplay

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