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  1. Embrace the Pain

    I've been wondering why I try to make everyone happy when I'm practically dead in my heart... So, I'll return to internalizing my frustrations and depression since I can't talk to anyone about them. I'm having trust issues of late and I'm not sure how long I'll have this cluster of dark emotions. It might be a while. I only end up getting hurt anyway so maybe it's for the best...
  2. LIAGC 2017

    I know it a month late but I had a tech problem and working has been hell. but anyway here it is.

    This was cool day I left home early to get the train down and arrived in Liverpool about 11ish so made my way down to hostel to drop off my bag and do some paperwork so while I wait I thought I made a bee line for forbidden planet and see if I could get a book to read I did not but what I did find were two gentlemen Matt and chopstick (his nickname). Who was going to the con? ...
  3. Wig Styling and Likkle Cosplay Confidence!

    I am going to be completly honest here! I barely style my wigs because usually they are short in length and I just brush it and everything is fine.

    WELL... this Coco Bandicoot cosplay required a bit more of styling than my other cosplays. This wig styling is from HELL I'm still not 100% happy with it, but its better than nothing at all. What I found out is that its ok to do your own version rather than having it PERFECT to the original. I know alot of people like it too be an excact ...
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  4. Depression - There's No Shame In It

    Depression has been in my life for lord knows how long. I was diagnosed at the age of 15 where I was given anti-depressants (back when you easily got them on repeat prescription) and I have to admit I didn't tell people about it, nor did I feel good about my illness. I felt like a guinea pig, I hated everything but most of all I hated myself. Along with other mental problems (which later got seen to but that's another story) I was a down right mess. I attempted many times to take my own life. The ...
  5. Where Do I Go?

    This year I saw myself hit the big old three-one. Yes I turned 31 years old and... I still lack any clue on where I am meant to go in life. I know things I want to do and such but I gotta make it happen somehow. Maybe it's due to being poorly for so long and then caring for sick children I just lost my mojo, but I feel the whole "where do I go in life?" feeling again.

    One thing I loved doing was events. I found that from starting Alcon all those years ago. And over the years I have ...
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