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  1. My past continues to haunt me

    I don't like who I was. Over the years I've matured and the immature and arrogant teenage version of me has faded. Sadly people still remember that version of me and for some reason they can't let go of the past. And to me... that's super childish and immature.

    Nearly 7 years ago my son was born. When he was I had some pretty hurtful things said about his parentage. People spread rumours that his father wasn't the man I said it was. People spread lies that I had the son of someone who ...
  2. Pondering whether to attend Manchester con

    So after some talks with people I may be attending but still a little wary 😒 but unanime related I'm going to be attending Doncaster reptile breeders meeting with my boyfriend. He has a blue tongue skink and wants another specific lizard 🦎 on another note. If I attended the Manchester con, I don't know anyone anymore which sucks I made a few friends at the London cons but they don't really attend them anymore. Which sucks! But if I do attend I hope the community is still just as friendly
  3. Edible Treasure

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    "If it looks good, eat it". -Andrew Zimmern

    *Scampers in taking center stage and bows making sure her chef hat doesn't fall off her head*

    Hello to my fellow food and sweet tooths out there!!

    As the banner implies I hope to show you pictures of the recipes I am cooking. Showing you my wide variety of cooking I use at home and that if I can cook something anyone can if they really took the time ...
  4. London Geek Meet

    I went to the London Geek Meet and it was awesome. One of the best meets I've been to. Enjoyed seeing The London Eye, London Bridge, Big Ben, going to Namco, the protest, China Town and Forbidden Planet.

    Looking forward to LAGC!
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  5. AL Wifeys Gen 7 Team

    Planned Sun Team
    @Izzy - Raichu/Blissey/
    @ANBU - Mimikyu
    @Aquadrop - Primarina
    @YukiChan - Drampa/Raichu
    @Chibi Angel - Liligant/Sylveon/Togekiss
    @whiscashgil - Lapras/Vaporeon
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